Flax is growing!

Hello everyone!! We are so excited here on the farm that the flax is growing! These photos were taken a few weeks ago already, now you can barely see the rows and they are just a nice cantipe. We walked the field to pull out the weeds. Our kids got to learn what it was like, I don’t think they cared for it too much haha. Both Darren and I had the privilege (haha) to walk beans back in our day so we thought the kids should have the same type of experience! 🙂 In a few of the photos there are little blue buds! This is the flower. I’m so excited to get to see the whole field bloom. I’m praying the weather will be good and not knock off the buds too early. I hear they are delicate. If we get a strong wind they can be blown off easily. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks will bring! We have gotten some really nice rain the last couple of weeks so the Flax has really taken off. The first two photos are from a few weeks ago. The last two photos were from Sunday June 9th.