Flax is growing!

Hello everyone!! We are so excited here on the farm that the flax is growing! These photos were taken a few weeks ago already, now you can barely see the rows and they are just a nice cantipe. We walked the field to pull out the weeds. Our kids got to learn what it was like, I don’t think they cared for it too much haha. Both Darren and I had the privilege (haha) to walk beans back in our day so we thought the kids should have the same type of experience! 🙂 In a few of the photos there are little blue buds! This is the flower. I’m so excited to get to see the whole field bloom. I’m praying the weather will be good and not knock off the buds too early. I hear they are delicate. If we get a strong wind they can be blown off easily. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks will bring! We have gotten some really nice rain the last couple of weeks so the Flax has really taken off. The first two photos are from a few weeks ago. The last two photos were from Sunday June 9th.

First Flax field spring 2024

Exciting news on the farm!! Our very first flax field was planted last week Wednesday April 10th. It was a very beautiful day with small rain showers in the area but not enought to stop the guys from going out! The sky was so beautiful as well with puffy white clouds with a blue sky between them. Our field is along interstate 29 in South Dakota so a lot of folks will hopefully drive by and wonder what the blue flowered field is. We can’t wait for this new adventure to take a full turn around from planting to harvest! If anyone has questions or wants to place an order just call 605-693-7333 or head over to the shop!

First Flax Field!

Loading the seeder

FlixBalls recipe

Family favorite!!

My mother in law found this recipe and it is a favorite amongst the adults and kids! She calls them Flixballs.

She makes them with Kix cereal or Cheerios (these could be gluten free)

Preheat oven to 350

Mix together:

1/4 C. Honey

1 C. unpacked brown sugar

1 stick softened butter

Put into a microwave safe 2 cup measuring cup or larger.

Boil one minute.

Take out of Microwave ADD:

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. vanilla

Stir: until foamy and the soda is completely mixed in.

HAVE READY in a large bowl 10 cups of kix or cheerios and 1 cup ground flax.

POUR the syrup mixture over the cereal and stir until all the cereal and flax are mixed and well coated.

SPREAD a single layer into 2-12×18 jellyroll pans that are lined with Parchment paper (lining is not necessary but makes clean up easier)

BAKE about 2-3 minutes, should be a little golden remove and stir.

Return to oven for 1-2 minutes. Ovens may vary so watch them closely so they do not burn.

REMOVE from oven and stir again. Stir several times while they are cooling.

BEST if stored in air-tight container.

This recipe can be easily be cut in half.

Half a batch can be made in about 15 mins from gathering everything to cooling.

Hope you all enjoy this recipe!